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Fandom Geek

It's been a while.

It's been a while.

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books - jackpot
I just love this icon. I ♥ Doc.

Anyway, I've been kind of busy lately. I'm still working at a fast food place, which doesn't really keep me "busy" since they only give me 20 hours a week, but I've also started doing something else that I'm rather excited about. My Dad is teaching an online class called "Intro to Apologetics" for ReclaimingTheMind.org, and I've been listening in and taking notes. I also explored the site a little bit and it turns out that you can take every course in their Theology Program as a self-study thing for free. You don't get a certificate for it, obviously, but it's good if you are just interested in learning.

I would love to get the certificate, but I don't have the money to actually enroll. Still, I'm excited about what I'm going to learn and I think it will be helpful for me because I'll be able to get a sense of what going to college to study the Bible would be like and I'll find out if it's really something I'm passionate enough about to enjoy all the classes and do well in them.

I'm also reading a terrific book called The Five Love Languages which I would recommend to anyone who is married or ever hopes to get married some day.
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