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The Sims 2 Tutorial: Making servos look normal

The Sims 2 Tutorial: Making servos look normal

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Want to make a servo look like a sim?

1. Put in the following cheat: agesimscheat on
Age your servo down to a teenager.

2. He/she will turn into a normal looking sim. Select "set age" again and turn her back into an adult.

3. Before you can go any further, you must turn on the AllMenus cheat. To do that, please refer to this page. It's probably a good idea to do this before you get started so you won't have to exit and reenter the game. When you have turned it on, you will be able to complete the next three steps.

4. If you don't already have it, use the testingCheats to get the career reward for the showbusiness career. You can use this to modify your servo's facial structure.

5. Next change her appearance in the mirror. She will have maxis eyes even if you have default replacements installed, so I recommend getting a good set of contacts. I use this set.

6. Buy her a new outfit if you don't like what she's wearing. I've never experimented with taking servos to community lots, so I use the shop-at-home coat rack.

7. Use the dresser and select "change default oufit."

8. Congratulations! You now have a fully customized, realistic android!

Extra: If you want your android to still look somewhat like a machine, I recommend using the BJD skin that my model is using below. In order to put it on a preexisting sim/servo, download Sim PE. Go to neighborhood browser, select the appropriate one, then go to tools > neighborhood > Sims Surgery.
  • Eeewww. The proportions on head, it looks like a stretched egg.
  • Thank you! I have a couple robots who may feel the need to blend in with the populace at some future time. It is nice to know that this is possible.
  • I never thought of doing something like that - I'm glad to know it's possible. :) I rarely ever make Servos because they look like striped down Terminators, lol. This will give me a reason to add one to my neighborhood again.
  • This has to be done individually, right? What about the skin in the last pic? Is there such a things as default? I wouldn't mind if all my robots looked lifelike.
    • Unfortunately yes, it has to be done individually. It doesn't take that long after you've done it once and you have the allmenus cheat set up and all that.

      The only way that the BJD skin would be automatically put on the Sim servo is if it was the default skin for all sims, which I assume most people probably wouldn't want. Unfortunately the only way is to get out of the game and change it in Sim PE. There might be a way besides Sim PE, but if there is it probably involves exiting from the game as well, which is annoying.

      Edited at 2008-05-04 03:13 am (UTC)
  • This is interesting! I have a question though, why would you need the allmenus cheat activated? It didn't seem to me like you did anything out of the ordinary.
  • Thank you!

    VERY cool! I rarely use servos, and I think part of it is their appearance. I'm definitely going to give this a try.
    • Re: Thank you!

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  • Wow, that's really cool. I'm definitely trying this out. Thanks for the tutorial!
  • Oh my god that is hideous!!! No wonder you worked out how to make it look like a sim! Maxis need to be shot for making the female servo so.... mindbogglingly grotesque.

    Thanks for the tutorial, it's a neat idea =) & the moment I can work it into my storyline I'm very much intending to utilise it. =D
  • popped over from sims2 comm

    Thanks for the tutorial! I just did it on my Servo, and it worked great. I didn't go through and open it in debug mode, but I used the Clothing Tool (it looks like a folded pile of clothes) from MATY to change my robot's clothing and hair-it doesn't do plastic surgery.

    Granted, he can't change into anything besides formalwear because the options aren't there, but for a simple cosmetic change it worked pretty well.

  • (no subject) -
  • Thanks for the tutorial! I thought it was really cool, because my little sister just accidentally made one of her Servos a human (by aging her to YA), but she had no idea how to customize her look, so this was incredibly helpful!

    Just out of curiosity, I have two questions:

    The first one is...would the allmenus cheat enable servos to Try For Baby, you think? I don't know if you know this, but since I've never used the cheat before and you had, maybe you'd tried it? :P

    And secondly, no matter how many times I try to use the sim surgery tool, it never seems to take. I've been using the "alt surgery" so I can just use the skintone rather than make a totally new sim with the skin I want to use and put her in game, etc etc. Have you ever tried that, and had it work? Or should I just bite the bullet and make a sim to surgery from?

    Thanks again, and sorry to bother you!
    • I really need to learn how to edit my comments. -.- Anyway, I was GOING to say that when I tried using sim surgery (the regular kind, using a sim that I made in game using the skin I wanted), SimPE tried to crash. I'm now trying to alt surgery again to see if that will work.
  • Do you need the allmenu cheat on, or can you just do it with boolprop?

    If I age a sim DOWN to teen, but she is already married to someone, will that destroy the marriage, and they have to get remarried when I age her back UP to adult?)

    (Btw, great name. I'm a little biased, but it's still great. :))
  • (no subject) - cherry_chiicake
  • HI! I followed a link here provided by katu_sims and I just wanted to say thankyou for posting such an excellent tute ^_^ Seems so simple and yet its quite obvious if you miss a step you're in for DOOOOOOM XD

    Also inspires me to see if I can do awesome hackery and copy files across from my mac to my parallels partition and use SimPE in that... BWAHAHAA!
    • Ooh, did that work for you? I don't have Windows on my Mac, but if that worked it might be possible to isolate the servo character file and tinker with it on a PC with SimPE.

      Then again, I am very lazy and that sounds like a lot of trouble. XD
  • Thanks so much for this! I've never had a Servo before. They scare me. But this looks fantastic! And yay, because I've decided my wealth aspiration robot-building lawyer geek Sim will fall in love with his Servo and never know the touch of a woman.

    (Which really is a pity - he's got great cheekbones. He'd make a good breeder. XD)

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